Preparing for birth


Next program: June 14 - August 9, 2021

for birth

Live online 8-week program:
June 14 - August 9, 2021

by Hayley O’Hara, pelvic floor physiotherapist/yoga instructor
& Mel Grauds, prenatal certified trainer/registered nurse

Hayley O’Hara (Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist and Yoga Instructor) and Mel Grauds (Personal Trainer and Registered Nurse) will be taking you through a series of workouts each week that will keep you strong throughout your pregnancy and assist you with preparing for birth. This program is designed to take care of all your workout needs – adding rehabilitative elements to strengthen and protect the abdominal wall and pelvic floor as well as yoga to assist with mobility and prevent injury.

the 4 elements of Preparing for Birth

Strength & Mobility

This program follows the recommended guidelines for exercise during pregnancy – combining resistance training, yoga, and pelvic floor training to bring you a comprehensive, safe, and effective workout regimen for all trimesters.


These classes aren’t all about prep! the Preparing for Birth program was created with those in mind who are currently experiencing pelvic floor, abdominal wall, and many forms of pregnancy-related musculoskeletal dysfunction to provide you not only with a safe form of exercise but also to help reduce, manage, or completely eliminate these issues.


We will equip you with the knowledge, strength, and tools to feel and move better throughout your pregnancy, including preventing and minimizing your risk of pelvic floor and abdominal wall dysfunction, perineal tearing, and more.


Our classes and educational workshops are specially designed to prepare you for labour, delivery, and postpartum, including getting you back to the exercises and activities you love faster and without any issues.

for birth

JUNE 14 - AUGUST 9, 2021

with Hayley O’Hara, pelvic floor physiotherapist/yoga instructor
& Mel Grauds, prenatal certified trainer/registered nurse

3 x live Workouts/week (replay anytime)

  • 45-minute prenatal strength class with Mel
  • 45-minute core & pelvic floor class with Hayley
  • 30-minute prenatal yoga class with Hayley (each with different themes each week including the pelvic floor, low back, hips, upper body, and core)
  • Classes stream live via Zoom and are available to replay anytime via private Vimeo on-demand

5 x 30-minute workshops ($300+ value)

  • Protecting Your Pelvic Floor & Abdominal Wall During Pregnancy
  • Preparing for Birth: Part 1 – Breathing & Perineal massage
  • Preparing for Birth: Part 2 – Labour Exercises & Pushing Positions
  • Postpartum: What to Expect & How to Prepare
  • Live Q&A with Hayley and Mel

2 x 30-minute Meditation sessions

  • 2 x 30 min guided mindfulness sessions/discussions with Jingjing (JJ) Liang

Exclusive support, community & wellness Content

  • Access to your private, members-only Facebook group where you can ask questions and connect with your community
  • Upbeat Spotify playlists for each workout
  • Weekly calendar to track your workouts
  • Access to a pelvic floor physiotherapist and personal trainer for questions or concerns you have over the course of the program
  • Plus so much more! All for less than the price of a 1-on-1 session with Hayley and Mel

10% of all proceeds will be donated to Plan International Canada, in support of women rights & the advancement of equality for girls.

Pay in full

$ 199 CAD One payment

2 monthly payments

$ 105 CAD two payments

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the live schedule

the preparing for birth program is for you if:

 This program is safe for all trimesters and is designed to benefit you wherever you are in your prenatal journey.

  • You’re excited for a comprehensive, safe, and effective workout regimen for all trimesters of your pregnancy
  • You’re eager to help reduce, manage, or completely eliminate pelvic floor, abdominal wall, or other pregnancy-related musculoskeletal dysfunctions
  • You’re ready to build the knowledge, strength, and tools to feel and move better throughout your pregnancy
  • You’re looking for the support and expertise of a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist and Prenatal Certified Personal Trainer every step of the way
  • You love the energy and fun of group fitness and want to safely maintain your exercise routine throughout your pregnancy

Meet the pFB team

Hayley O'Hara

Hayley (aka @pelvicgoddess) is a Registered Physiotherapist with a special focus in Pelvic Health and Women’s Health. Hayley obtained both her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Biology and Physiology as well as her Master of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Toronto. Hayley is currently practicing in Toronto, focusing on orthopaedic and pelvic health physiotherapy. Hayley treats both women and men with a variety of pelvic health conditions. In addition to taking advanced courses in perinatal care, Hayley has experience helping women prepare for labour and delivery as well as assisting with recovery in the postpartum period.  In her free time, Hayley teaches yoga and sits on the executive board of the Women’s Health Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association as Newsletter Editor. Hayley is passionate about empowering women and ensuring they have the knowledge and confidence to make the best decisions for their health.

mel grauds

Meet Mel (aka @melrosetraining), Certified Personal Trainer, Founder of MELROSE Training and Registered Nurse. Mel’s personal fitness journey started only a few years ago, and now her mission is to share the joy of high-quality strength training with others, so you can be like the strongest and most confident version of yourself – not just in your workouts, but overall. Train with Mel for an evidence-based approach to fitness and wellness that always puts your health and safety at the forefront. Mel is pre/post natal fitness certified and has trained with clients at all points of the pregnancy continuum and of all fitness levels. Mel enjoys cooking, listening to podcasts, Facetiming with friends and watching travel food shows  in her free time. Mel sees exercise as a powerful investment in your entire well-being and is super excited to support you at every step of your prenatal fitness journey!

Mindfulness with jj liang

CERTIFIED Yoga and meditation instructor

JJ Liang (she/her) is a certified yoga and meditation instructor, attorney, and lover and supporter of the arts. JJ grew up in Beijing and Toronto before settling in NYC in 2017 for work. Living the hectic life in this big city, her daily yoga practice was her comfort and outlet. During her 200-hour yoga teacher training with Three Jewels, it became clear to her that Master Patanjali (and other masters that followed him) practiced yoga to prepare the body and mind for meditation. This prompted her to deepen her own meditation practice with a 200-hour meditation teacher training at Three Jewels. Once she tasted the benefits and wisdom of meditation, JJ felt an urgent need to share the magic of meditation with everyone.

What our clients are saying


There is a large rehabilitative component to the PFB program designed to help manage, reduce, and potentially eliminate pelvic floor and abdominal wall dysfunction as well as help to prevent future issues throughout your pregnancy and postpartum.

We recommend the following:

  • Yoga mat

  • Yoga blocks – sub for firm cushion, towel, books.

  • Yoga strap – sub for towel

  • Exercise ball – highly recommend for labour prep!

  • Resistance band and mini loop bands

  • Weights

  • Towel

  • Water bottle

You do not need any prior fitness experience to join our program! We have designed our classes for all levels – they can be modified to be easier or harder depending on your preference, with variations given throughout all the yoga and strength classes. In addition, if you require specific accommodations you can always send us an e-mail and we would be happy to provide you with individual support.

Yes! All of our classes and workshops will be uploaded to our on-demand channel where you can watch them on your own time throughout the duration of the program. The classes and workshops will be uploaded within 2-3 hours after the live class. You can do the classes as many times as you like 😉

We got you! Each Sunday, you will receive an email from us with a full schedule for the coming week, including links to join the live classes as well as a link to the on-demand channel where you can watch the videos on your own time. We will also include a calendar for you to track which workouts and aerobic exercise you have done.

In keeping with exercise recommendations during pregnancy, we strongly recommend at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise 5x per week – eg. light walking and cycling. This is why we have built this into your weekly calendar as a part of the program!

Because of the nature of this program – that is run live and includes personalize coaching, all Preparing for Birth registrations are final-sale and non-transferrable.

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