MELROSE Training Club

Signature 8-week live/on-demand
strength training + wellness program

signature 8-WEEK workout + wellness program

It’s time to take the guesswork out of your fitness routine and get on the fast-track to reaching your goals! MELROSE Training Club is all about high-quality training to feel strong and confident, not only in your workouts, but in your entire life. 

Join the club for the ultimate training experience – a kickass complete strength program (live classes + option to replay on-demand), a supportive online community and so much more. Build functional strength, muscle and stamina – no matter where you are in your fitness journey – all with minimal equipment, from home. Join the team, our next program starts March 2021!

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We have you covered for high-quality, evidence-based programming, so when you put in the work, you see and feel results like never before.

MELROSE Training club is for you if

  • You’re tired of working out without making any real progress – and you’re not sure what you’re missing.
  • You’re feeling uninspired and overwhelmed in a sea of at-home and on-demand workouts.
  • You’ve felt intimidated working out or lifting weights, and you’re ready to fall in love with exercise and finally find something that sticks!
  • You know the results that you want to achieve, and you’re looking for the support and motivation to get you there.
  • You love the energy and momentum of group fitness, and want to take it to the next level for results like you’ve never seen before!

What's included:

Complete 8 WEEK STRENGTH PROGRAM: next round starts march 2021

  • 5 live 45 minute strength workouts/week via Zoom + private Instagram Live sessions (with the option to replay classes at your convenience, see live schedule below) 
  • NEW: Beginner-focused “Intro to Strength” workouts in weeks 1 + 2
  • NEW: 1 advanced workout every week
  • Access to 80+ on-demand MELROSE Training Club strength workouts
  • Modifications offered for all levels, minimal equipment required
  • No prior fitness experience required

one-of-a-kind support and community

  • Access to our private Instagram account where you can connect with your community, take part in monthly challenges, and ask unlimited questions

Exclusive Wellness Content

  • Exclusive fitness, recovery, nutrition, social media/body image webinars + live Q+A with your Trainer, Mel
  • Pain and Injury 101 Seminar with Dr. Alex St. Pierre, Chiropractor
  • Intuitive Eating Seminar + Q&A with Trista Chan, Dietitian, MHSC
  • Hip + Hamstring Opening Yoga Flow with Hayley O’Hara, Registered Physiotherapist
  • Breathwork Meditation + Q&A with Priya Khanmaini, Certified Meditation Teacher
  • Exclusive video form tutorials
  • Daily, weekly and monthly wellness planners, exclusive recipes

COMPLETE 8 week training club program

one payment

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the live Workout schedule

Client love

the Workouts

Any workout can make you sweaty, sore and tired, but not every workout will move you forward towards your goals. Unlike traditional group classes and workouts targeted towards women, our programs are based on the science of simple and efficient strength training to give you the most impact for your time. Classes have a strong emphasis on technique and are designed to help you master classic strength exercises that work multiple muscles at once. 

We have you covered for world-class programming, so when you put in the work, you see results like never before: new muscle definition, better form, increased energy, better sleep, improved posture, improved flexibility and so much more! Our workouts are designed to build you up, not break you down, and our low impact method is safe on the joints (and you’ll never do a burpee!). It’s not magic, it’s not a quick fix – it’s science, and that’s what makes the difference.

NEW! Guest Speakers

Your health isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, and that’s why we’re excited to enrich your fitness experience with our new guest panel series. Connect with our experts and learn meaningful and practical information that you can apply to your daily life to optimize your well-being.

Trista chan

Dietitian, MHSc

Join Registered Dietitian, Trista Chan, for an exclusive Intuitive Eating seminar and Q&A to learn more about how to fuel your body for exercise and life!

Dr. Alex St. Pierre

Doctor of Chiropractic, MPK, CSCS

Andrew Ghaly


Join Chiropractor Dr. Alex St. Pierre and Physiotherapist Andrew Ghaly, from Toronto-based sports medicine clinic STRONG, for an exclusive seminar on Pain and Injury 101. Learn more about self-care strategies to prevent injury, combat the effects of working from home and how to future-proof your body!

Hayley O'hara

MScPT, Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

Join Registered Physiotherapist and Yoga Instructor, Hayley O’Hara, for an exclusive Hip and Hamstring Opening yoga session! Release and unwind as you flow through a sequence targeting some of the tightest muscles groups in your body!

Priya Khanmaini

Certified meditation teacher

Join Priya for a guided breathwork meditation session and Q+A! Priya believes that meditation is a simple practice that allows us to be more present, happy and peaceful.  She thinks, as Thich Nhat Hanh said, “sitting in meditation is nourishment for your spirit and nourishment for your body, as well.” She has a Bachelor of Health Sciences from Western and has her 100 hour meditation teacher training certificate from Hoame in Toronto. Priya believes if you can breathe, you can meditate, and is excited to share her practice with others.

The MELROSE training club difference

Results-driven programming

All MELROSE Training Club Workouts focus on simple, efficient strength moves that work multiple muscles at once – think squats, lunges, push-ups, and more – to give you the most impact for your time and energy.

Evidence-based approach

We take your health seriously. No fads, no gimmicks, no BS. Led by Mel Grauds, Certified Personal Trainer + Registered Nurse, our unique approach to fitness/wellness is entirely based on up-to-date science and research for you to feel your best. 

support + motivation

You got this! Stay motivated and accountable at every step of your fitness journey with our structured, yet, flexible workout program. Join us live 5x/week or replay the workouts at your convenience as you progress and receive unparalleled support from your trainer.


it's time to

Genuinely enjoy and look forward to your workouts

finally see the results you've always wanted from your workouts

Feel strong and confident lifting weights

Build strength and New muscle definition

Improve your energy, mood, sleep and flexibility

Stay consistent and motivated in your routine

What members love most about the training club

Check ins, flexibility , consistency in workouts even if my schedule isn’t consistent.
The flexible schedule with both live and recorded workouts is key. The low impact training is the best!
Accountability and new training style. The flexibility and scheduling of the program has worked well for me.
Class recordings, including weights into my workouts. Being able to go back to the classes when it’s more convenient for me and my schedule. Also, I love having a calendar to visualize and keep track of workouts I have been able to complete in the program, for my own accountability.
I like that I can come back to workouts and fit them in around my work and school schedule. Love the live workouts, especially the morning ones. They keep me motivated to get up and get it done.
I love knowing what the week is going to look like, and it makes it easy to find time within my schedule to complete the workouts. Even on days that I don’t feel motivated to exercise, I know I just need to ‘show up’ and after 5 minutes I’m motivated to complete the workout.

Join the club to Start off 2021 strong!

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Hey, I'm Mel! Have we met?


Hi, I’m Mel Grauds, Founder of MELROSE Training and avid exercise enthusiast! I started as a total beginner 5 years ago and have spent years feeling confused about how to reach my fitness goals. Everything changed when I simplified my routine and started focusing on  lifting weights. Now as a trainer, I strive to streamline this process to help you make progress towards your goals, get the most impact for your time/energy and feel your best overall. I’m all about taking care of yourself and building strength/confidence through at-home strength training. Your goals are my goals and I’m 100% here to support you at every step of your journey! 

Welcome to MELROSE Training Club!


MELROSE Training Club is for people of all fitness levels who are looking for structure/motivation in reaching their fitness goals from home. All workouts are modifiable for all levels. Weeks 1 and 2 include Intro to Strength beginner-focused workouts, and each week includes 1 Advanced Strength workout. You don’t need any prior fitness experience to join!

The training club includes 5 live 45-minute workouts/week. All workouts are low-impact (no-jumping) and strength based – but don’t worry, the workouts are still challenging af (all while protecting your joints)! All workouts focus on simple + efficient compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups all at once (think squats, push-ups, planks, lunges, etc.) – with modifications offered for all levels. Sample workouts can be found at

You can stream live workouts via your choice of Zoom or via a private Instagram account. Can’t join us live? No worries! All classes are recorded and available for you to replay anytime.

All workouts are designed to be done with minimal equipment. One set of weights is recommended, but can be substituted for household objects (such as water bottles). We also recommend having a resistance band, but it is not required. We can help get you set up with at-home equipment!

We want to offer you the support you need in the club. You will have access to the private @melrosetrainingclub Instagram account to ask unlimited questions over the next 8 weeks, in addition to direct contact with Mel during live workouts and webinars. 

I am so confident that you will enjoy your experience that I am happy to offer a full refund if you complete all of the workouts and don’t absolutely love your first two weeks in the club.

Other ways to train with us

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