MELROSE Training Club

our Signature 10-week live strength program:
Feel-good workouts, recovery sessions, webinars & More

Next round: May 31 - august 9, 2021

MELROSE Training Club

OUR SIGNATURE 10-WEEK LIVE STRENGTH PROGRAM: it's not a challenge, it's a lifestyle.

It’s time to take the guesswork out of your fitness routine and get on the fast-track to reaching your goals and feeling your best! Founded by Certified Personal Trainer & Registered Nurse, Mel Grauds, our signature 10-week fitness program, MELROSE Training Club, is all about high-quality training to feel strong and confident, not only in your workouts, but in your entire life. Join the team to fall in love with fitness and achieve results you can see and feel like never before with the ultimate support at every step of the way!

Next round: May 31 - august 9, 2021


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It's time for fitness that feels good. like, really good.

MELROSE Training club is for you if

  • You’re tired of trying to figure it all out on your own while working out without making any real progress towards your goals.
  • You’re feeling uninspired and overwhelmed in a sea of online workouts, and you’re looking for something that finally sticks – for life.
  • You’ve felt intimidated working out/lifting weights and you’re ready to build strength and confidence (and have fun doing it)!
  • You love the energy and momentum of group fitness, and want to take it to the next level for results like you’ve never felt/seen before!

MELROSE Training Club


What's included: MAy 31 - Aug 9, 2021

80+ live results-driven strength workouts (replay anytime)

  • 6+ LIVE 45-min strength workouts/week (available to replay on-demand) 
  • Workouts for all levels including: beginner-focused “Intro to Strength” and weekly “Advanced” workouts
  • No previous fitness/strength experience required, minimal equipment required

live/on-demand recovery sessions

  • Weekly foam roll & extended stretch sessions to complement your recovery, optimize your mobility and ensure balance across your fitness routine

Exclusive wellness webinars and Q&A Sessions

  • Live evidence-based, easy-to-follow webinars on fitness fundamentals, recovery, fitness social media and more!
  • Live Q&A session with your trainer!

personalized support

  • NEW! 1-on-1 strategy session for personalized support in motivation, accountability, questions about your fitness goals, or anything you need to support you to feel energized in your fitness journey!  ($75 value)
  • Direct contact with your trainer, Mel, for unlimited motivation, questions and ongoing support anytime
  • Option to send videos of your form to your trainer for personalized coaching/feedback

Exclusive Wellness Content

  • Guest speaker and Q&A sessions to connect with experts across different disciplines including: dietitian, physiotherapist, chiropractor, meditation instructor, yoga instructor and more!
  • Access to our private Instagram account where you can ask unlimited questions, take part in exclusive events and connect with your online community

The support of a personal trainer, the energy of group fitness & the flexibility of online workouts, All for less than a cup of coffee per day!


$ 279 CAD COMPLETE 10-week program: May 31 - Aug 9, 2021

2 monthly payments

$ 145 CAD COMPLETE 10-WEEK PROGRAM: MAY 31 - AUG 9, 2021
2 payments

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Client love

See what all the hype is about!

Training club Guest Speakers

Your health isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, and that’s why we’re excited to enrich your fitness and wellness experience with our guest panel series. Connect with our experts and learn meaningful and practical information that you can apply to your daily life to optimize your well-being.

Dr. Alex St. Pierre


Join Andrew for a Mobility-Focused Class, Foam Roll Session AND chiropractor Q&A!

Andrew Ghaly


Join Andrew for a Mobility-Focused Class, Foam Roll Session AND Physiotherapist Q&A!

Trista Chan


Join Trista for a pre/post-workout nutrition and meal prep chat, plus Q&A!

Hayley O'Hara

Pelvic floor physiotherapist and yoga instructor

Join Hayley for a pelvic floor seminar + Q&A!

Priya Khanmaini

Certified Meditation Instructor

Join Priya for a chat on where to start your meditation journey, a guided breath work session and Q&A!

Claire Kagan

Certified Yoga Instructor

Join Claire for a Strength/Yoga fusion class and Yoga Stretch class!

The MELROSE training club difference

TRAIN SMARTER, not just harder

Any workout can make you sweaty, sore and tired, but not all workouts will move you forward towards your goals. The MELROSE Method is based on the science of simple/efficient low-impact strength training – think squats, lunges, planks – and that’s what makes the difference to give you the most impact for your time/energy. Our evidence-based approach has you covered for complete results-driven programming and top-tier coaching to take the guesswork out of your routine so you can see/feel like never before! 

health-focused, feel-good approach

At MELROSE Training, we take your health seriously – no fads, no gimmicks, no BS. Led by Mel Grauds, Certified Personal Trainer + Registered Nurse, our unique approach to fitness/wellness is designed to go above and beyond your workouts to help you optimize your mindset, recovery, nutrition and entire well-being. Whether you’re starting out or an experienced lifter, we’ll be cheering you on at every step of your journey to keep you feeling inspired and energized in your workouts – for life.


At MELROSE Training, we go above and beyond to offer you a one-of-a-kind, unparalleled client experience. We are here to support you and cheer you on at every step of your journey and these are just some of the amazing experiences our 100+ clients have had thus far:

Hey, I'm Mel! Have we met?


Hi, I’m Mel Grauds, Founder of MELROSE Training, Registered Nurse and avid endorphin enthusiast! I started as a total beginner 6 years ago and spent years feeling confused about how to reach my fitness goals. Everything changed when I simplified my routine and started focusing on  lifting weights. Now as a trainer, I strive to streamline this process to help you make progress towards your goals, get the most impact for your time/energy and feel your best overall. I’m all about taking care of yourself and building strength/confidence through at-home strength training. Your goals are my goals and I’m 100% here to support you at every step of your journey! 

Welcome to MELROSE Training Club! I can’t wait to workout with you!

it's time to...

Genuinely enjoy and look forward to your workouts

Feel strong and confident lifting weights

finally see/feel the results you've always wanted

Improve your energy, mood, sleep and flexibility

Feel good in your skin and put yourself first

fall in love with fitness and stay motivated for life


All workouts focus on simple + efficient compound exercises that work multiple muscle groups all at once (think squats, push-ups, planks, lunges, etc.) – with modifications offered for everyone to have an amazing workout. All workouts are low-impact (no-jumping) and strength based – but don’t worry, the workouts are still challenging af (all while protecting your joints)!  The training club includes 6 live 45-minute workouts/week plus additional stretches, foam roll sessions, guest seminars and exclusive events to enrich your well-being and complement your workouts. Sample workouts can be found here!

Not at all! Our goal is meet you wherever you are in your fitness journey and to bring high-quality strength training to everyone. Mel offers modifications in every workout so everyone can feel strong and confident, and you also have access to additional supports including exclusive form tutorial, beginner-focused “Intro to Strength” workouts and direct support from your trainer. Strength training is for everyone and we can’t wait to help you build strength and confidence lifting weights in our upbeat, encouraging environment. Mel herself started as a beginner only a few years ago, and strives to go above and beyond to help you feel comfortable and have fun working out.

Can’t tune in live? No worries! All live classes/events are recorded and available for you to replay anytime via a private Instagram account.

All workouts are designed to be done with minimal equipment. One set of dumbbells is recommended, but can be substituted for household objects (such as water bottles). We also recommend having a resistance band, but it is not required. We can help get you set up with at-home equipment!

Great question, we get this one a lot! Strength training is a highly efficient way to build overall stamina and endurance, and you will get your heart rate up high in all MELROSE Training workouts. This program has you covered for building cardiorespiratory endurance, all through low-impact, simple/efficient strength training.  If you wish to add additional workouts on top of the training club, our best recommendation is a few brisk walks/week to complement your training, improve your recovery and avoid overtraining. Feel free to reach out if you have specific questions about finding your unique routine.

We’re so happy you asked! Yes, in fact, strength training is the most efficient style of training to work towards fat loss. Strength training not only burns calories during the workout, but it also has the unique benefit of elevating your metabolism for 24-48 hours after each workout. Additionally, as you build muscle mass, your resting metabolism increases more and more over time, which hugely contributes in favour of fat loss (and is best achieved with strength training). We’re all for a no-BS, evidence-based approach and we’re here to support you in the pursuit of all fitness goals!

We are so confident that you will enjoy your experience that we are happy to offer a full refund if you complete all of the workouts and don’t absolutely love your first two weeks in the club.

Other ways to train with us

Are you ready to go ALL IN on your fitness journey? Train 1-on-1  with Mel in our premium program including workouts, coaching and the ultimate level of support, 100% tailored to you and your goals. Plus, all 1-on-1 programs include access to MELROSE Training Club!

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