At MELROSE Training, exercise isn’t about burning calories or chasing a certain look, it’s about reaching your goals to build a stronger and more confident version of you. Our workouts are one of a kind in the fitness space, strategically designed to streamline this process for you to train with confidence and get what you want from your workouts.

Founded by Mel Grauds, Certified Personal Trainer and Registered Nurse, MELROSE Training is based on the principle that exercise is the ultimate investment in yourself. We build high quality training routines that help you become energized and fulfilled – not just in your workouts, but in your entire life. The MELROSE Method focuses on high intensity, low-impact strength training. Our workouts are simple & efficient – think squats, planks, rows, etc. – to achieve your goals and feel your absolute best. No fads, no gimmicks, no BS – just high quality training that’s grounded in science – and that’s why it works.

Fitness shouldn’t be confusing or intimidating. It can be hard to figure it all out on your own know HOW to achieve your specific goals. As your trainer I strive to take the guesswork out so you can get what you want when you put the work in. Functional strength training – the mainstay of MELROSE Training –  is a fantastic “all rounder” for building strength, athleticism, stamina and feeling AMAZING. I design all workouts as part of a complete program to ensure continuity from workout to workout so you make progress over time.  It’s not magic, it’s not a quick fix – it’s science. Training smarter to build yourself up – not burn yourself out – is what we’re all about.


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The premium MELROSE Training experience to optimize your lifestyle, above and beyond your workouts! Work closely with your trainer, Mel, through this one-of-a-kind complete fitness program, designed to empower you to thrive in your fitness routine and overall.

Join the club for an 8 week online group program with live/on-demand workouts that build week-to-week, plus exclusive content and support so you stay motivated and energized in your workout routine! Next round starts January 2021. 


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I see exercise as a powerful investment in our entire well-being and I created MELROSE Training to bring simple and effective online strength workouts to everyone at home. It was only a few years ago that I was a beginner, feeling intimidated and confused about fitness and unsure of where to go to figure it all out. As a Certified Personal Trainer and Registered Nurse, your health and well being are my top priorities.  Your goals are my goals and I’m 100% here to support you at every step of your fitness journey!

Lifting weights and learning to deadlift with proper form is incredible, but at its core, exercise is really a catalyst for meaningful change in your life overall. At MELROSE Training, it’s all about feeling:
No matter where you’re at in fitness or in life, you deserve to start feeling your best, always.

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