strength training, optimized.

LOW impact workouts for high impact results

Take your at-home routine to the next level with our online strength-based workouts available anywhere. Get stronger, build stamina and feel your absolute best with MELROSE Training’s comprehensive, evidence-based strength workouts. Founded by Mel Grauds, Certified Personal Trainer and Registered Nurse, we are based in Downtown Toronto, training clients worldwide.

Invest in yourself with 1-on-1 training tailored to you  – all with the added convenience and flexibility of training via video call. To learn more, book your free virtual consultation.

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Hi, I’m Mel – Certified Personal Trainer and Registered Nurse in Downtown Toronto. I wasn’t always active – I started my fitness journey five years ago as a total beginner. I didn’t think I could ever enjoy exercise, but everything changed when I discovered  low-impact strength training workouts – which gave me a new sense of purpose to challenge myself and get stronger. I experienced the power of exercise in transforming my life firsthand and it lights me up to share this with my clients as a trainer. I created MELROSE Training to bring simple, effective and empowering online strength-based workouts to everyone at home!

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