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at-home strength training, redefined

We’re so glad you’re here! Founded by Mel Grauds, Certified Personal Trainer and Registered Nurse, in Downtown Toronto, the MELROSE Training approach is based on proven science of low-impact, efficient strength training. No gimmicks, no trends, no fads –  your health is always our top priority. Strength training – think squats, lunges, push-ups – not only offers an amazing workout, but it also gives a new sense of purpose and motivation in your training. Our 1-on-1 and group program workouts are simple to follow and modifiable for everyone and our unique all-virtual format offers clients flexibility to workout anywhere with minimal equipment.  It can be hard to figure it all out on your own and know how to achieve your specific goals from home, but fitness shouldn’t be confusing or intimidating. Whether you’re not sure where to start or you feel like you’ve tried everything and it’s just not giving you what you want, we strive to take the guesswork out so you can get what you want when you put the work in. We design all workouts as part of a complete program to ensure continuity from workout to workout so you continue to make progress over time. Training smarter to build yourself up – not burn yourself out – is what we’re all about.

TRAIN SMARTER, not just harder

Any workout can make you sweaty, sore and tired, but not all workouts will move you forward towards your goals.  All MELROSE Training workouts are based on the science of low-impact strength training. We keep our workouts simple and efficient, and that’s what makes the difference. Our health-focused, evidence-based approach has you covered for top-quality programming and coaching so you get on the fast track to your goals!

health-focused, feel-good fitness

When it comes to fitness, you don’t have to do it alone! We believe in progress, not perfection in in your lifestyle and fitness journey. Our no BS approach to health/wellness encourage you to build sustainable, balanced habits that you can enjoy and be consistent with for life.We’ll be cheering you on at every step of your fitness journey to keep you feeling inspired and energized in your workouts.

fitness that's constructive, not destructive.
train with us to Build yourself up, not break yourself down.

Meet your trainer, Mel

Hey, I’m Mel Grauds! I see exercise as a powerful investment in our entire well-being and I created MELROSE Training to bring simple and effective online strength workouts to everyone at home. It was only a few years ago that I was a beginner, feeling intimidated and confused about fitness and unsure of where to go to figure it all out. I spent years randomly mixing-matching different workout without any strategy and sticking with cardio (even though I hated it) because it just seemed like a no-brainer. For years, I always felt burnt out and stuck, wondering what I was missing and why I wasn’t making progress. It took me a lot of time and energy to figure it all out on my own, and I became a trainer in 2019 to streamline this process for you.

Low impact strength training changed my life, my mind and my body. It’s a style of training that empowering and fulfilling, and it lights me up to share movement with you. Now, as a Certified Personal Trainer and Registered Nurse, your health and well being are my top priorities. Your goals are my goals and I’m 100% here to support you at every step of your fitness journey!


We're a perfect match if

  • You want to connect with a trainer who’s entirely dedicated to helping you achieve your goals (and to have fun while doing it) 
  • You’re down for a no-BS, health-focused approach to your fitness and wellness
  • You’re looking to build strength and confidence in your workouts and fall in love with movement
  • You’re ready to go all-in for yourself and train smarter for your goals

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