The melrose method

No gimmicks, no trends, no fads. the MELROSE Method is based on proven science of low-impact strength training for everyone. By focusing on getting stronger, we not only get an amazing workout, but we also find a new sense of purpose and motivation in our training. Our workouts are simple to follow and modifiable for everyone and our unique all-virtual format offers clients flexibility to workout anywhere with minimal equipment

MEET your trainer, MEL GRAUDS


Hi, I’m Mel! I am a Certified Personal Trainer and a Registered Nurse. I see exercise as a powerful investment in our well-being. I started my fitness journey 5 years ago and I spent the first couple of years randomly mixing and matching different workout classes every week and hoping for the best. While it was fun to bounce around, I wasn’t making progress on my goals and wondered what I was missing. Everything changed when I simplified my routine and focused on progressive strength-training – that’s when I started to make meaningful progress in building strength, stamina & confidence. I became a Personal Trainer and created the MELROSE Method to streamline this process for others navigating health/fitness and to share these workouts. Fitness should only ever make your life brighter – and that’s what MELROSE Training is alllllll about. I live in Downtown Toronto but I get to connect with clients everywhere through online training!

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